How much can I earn?
There is no limit to how much you can earn. Once you refer someone, you are their referrer for LIFE. Every monthly payment they make from then on, you will receive a percentage of. For example.

AB Beats joins the Airbit affiliate program.
AB Beats puts a banner on his website.
XY Productions visits AB Beat's website and clicks on the affiliate link.
XY Productions becomes a paying member of Airbit within 30 days to the Platinum Producer package at $19.99 a month.
AB Beats then receives $4.99 a month in commission for as long as XY Productions stays subscribed up to Airbit

So in a year, AB Beats earns $59.88, in 2 years $119.76, in three $179.64. And that's just from one person!
What is the payout rate?
Affiliates receive 25% of all service payments made by customers referred.
What do I actually recieve payouts for?
If you refer a customer, you earn 25% of every monthly payment they make for the Airbit service. You can even earn 25% of the 6 month and 12 month bundle packages that Airbit offer.
How much does it cost to join?
Nothing! It's absolutely FREE!. You have nothing to lose and just money to make. We have no annual fees, no hidden charges, no monthly fees or sign up fees. It's all free to join, and you can stop at any time.
When I earn a commission, how soon will it be reflected in my account?
Any commissions you earn will be posted in your stats within two minutes of a successful purchase. You will get an email about commissions when a purchase is made.
If I refer a customer, how long have they got to sign up?
Everyone you refer has 30 days to sign up to the service. They can even leave our website and come back later, as long as it's within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link.
How do I get paid?
All payments are made to your PayPal account
When do I get paid my commission?
Affiliates will get paid on a monthly basis. At the end of each month, all accounts are reviewed and payouts occur at the end of the following month. For example, if in January you made $100 in affiliate commission, you will receive your payout for January at the end of February.
Are there chargebacks?
Yes, chargebacks are a common thing among online sales. You just can't please everyone. If a chargeback occurs (from PayPal) we will automatically reverse the payment until we know what the outcome is. Sometimes the credit card company will not allow it and we can still process your payment. You can see all the statistics in your control panel after you sign up.
Do you have a payout limit?
Yes, you must earn at least $9.99 in affiliate commission before we pay out.
Can publishers cheat affiliates by "undoing" the commission on a sale, or by pretending that a sale was returned?
No. Unlike other popular affiliate solutions, we handle both the sale and the awarding of commissions. The only way to undo a commission is to approve a return of the order.